What are we building?

  • Cameras: Uplooking wide-field, video
  • Network: Volunteer nodes (100+?) in continental US
  • Server: Central server at NMSU to correlate and catalog events (meteor and manmade)


Investigate, improve, and expand a ground-based all-sky camera network necessary for calibration of our nation’s nuclear detection satellites to separate natural and man-made events.


Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM Provided seed funding in 2008 to begin development of ground-based network cameras for observing meteor/fireball events NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Investigating All Sky and Guided Automatic Real-time Detection (ASGARD) calibration and processing code


  1. Field a network of all-sky cameras at approximately 100 sites spread throughout the continental US
  2. Develop a network to access data, archive data, and make the data available for processing and analysis by interested parties
  3. Develop software tools for calibration, removal of detector effects and anomalies, automatic event detection and correlation among stations, and automatic trajectory computation
  4. Develop a companion multi-band detector for the all-sky sensors to improve the diagnostic capability of the camera network