Take the time to calibrate your camera!

Take the time to calibrate your camera!

Postby jwooddell » January 27th, 2013, 12:56 pm

Hi all!

Playing with my camera a little more.

I learned than in regards to my Azmith out to about 40 degrees elevation, I am within 1 degree accurate and typically under 1/2 of 1 degree on most things I can measure.

I realized the other night my elevation was way off...at least 10 degrees.

So, I made some adjustments and went out with my handy dandy #800 micro level (inclinometer that is older than I am) and took some readings at the same level as my lense.

Here is what I found after making adjustments based on fixed objects in my view for reference. Everything in degrees.

1. Top of tallest palm tree leaves: Measured: 34.5 View: 34.63

2. Bottom of tallest palm tree leaves: Measured: 22.0 View: 21.46

3. Top of Telephone pole in back yard: Measured: 12 View: 11.06 (hard to really see the top)

4. Top of 7 Mhz antenna: Measured: 18 View: 18.74 (hard to see top)

5. Top of 14 Mhz antenna: Measured: 39 View: 37.52

6. Highest part of neighbors tree: Measured: 23 View: 23.5

So, plus or minus minor measurement errors, I would say I am darn close up to about 40 degrees elevaton. Mostly within 1 degree.
My zenith, if it is my zenith, measures with a few tenths of 90 degrees.
I can not say anything about the elevation between 40 and 90 degrees other than is "should be" close?????

A lot of folks bad mouth these cams and tell me they are not worth a poop. But I beg to differ and if one takes the time to calibrate them, can be fairly accurate....and are certainly repeatable.

Please take the time and calibrate your cameras!

Jim Wooddell
Parker, Arizona Skycam
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Re: Take the time to calibrate your camera!

Postby peterdf » August 18th, 2013, 5:16 am

Thanks Jim, I didn't bother with this before but after calibrating my camera it made a huge difference
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